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Yoga is for everyone

Posted: Friday, Feb 9, 2024
Adult Seniors benefit from Susan Hall’s NIC class in Kellogg
Yoga is for everyone_Feb2024
Photo: Beth Latina, center, and others participate in NIC’s senior yoga class at the Kellogg School Community Center.

A body in motion stays in motion.

That not only applies to Newton’s laws, but also to the human body as it ages.

Beth Latina lived quite an active life that led to several injuries through the years, including breaking both of her legs. She has also had five shoulder surgeries.

“I’ve had a lot of debilitating injuries,” said Latina, 74, who lives in Kellogg. “The last time I had a shoulder injury was in 2015. I couldn’t raise my arms all the way up and put my arms together.”

A friend of Latina’s said to her, “Maybe you should try yoga.”

Now, for nearly nine years, Latina attends North Idaho College instructor Susan Hall’s senior yoga class at the Kellogg School Community Center.

She’s never looked back.

“I can put my arms straight up now,” Latina said. “I have so much more mobility, not just in my shoulders, but my entire body.”

Latina’s participation in yoga has kept her from falling victim to her injuries and given her the ability to keep going. Her balance is good, housework has become easier thanks to her newfound flexibility and her joints are feeling better than ever. She hikes all summer long, and she can hike 10 miles in a day.

“I play hard, I work hard and I’m not willing to give up,” Latina said. “I have a knee that’s starting to give me some issues, but not because of yoga. I’m sure yoga has kept it at bay.”

Hall’s senior yoga class isn’t extreme or arduous, and students are encouraged to go at their own pace.

“She always says, ‘If it hurts, modify,’” Latina said. “There aren’t a lot of stressful poses, so nobody gets hurt.”

All seniors of all abilities are welcome.

“We have a gal that just started this last semester and she is 92,” Latina said. “I am just in awe of somebody who will even try it at that age, and she's come a long way. She’s my inspiration to keep going.”

Hall has been teaching yoga for 17 years, 15 of which have been with NIC. She teaches two sections, 600 and 601, with 20 seats that are usually filled each semester.

Hall firmly believes anyone, especially senior citizens, can benefit from yoga.

“Yoga's contribution to seniors is their well-being, confidence and their mood improves,” she said. “The class gives the opportunity for them to improve their balance and coordination. It increases their flexibility while decreasing pain.”

While yoga improves mobility and exercises the body, it also improves seniors’ mental, emotional and spiritual wellness.

“They become more mindful, and yoga improves their sleep because it reduces stress,” Hall said. “They learn how to breathe more efficiently so that helps them to relax and meditate. Yoga is for everyone!”

For more information, visit or contact Hall at or (208) 660-3987.

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