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ALEKS Placement Information

Utilizing the Prep and Learning module in ALEKS

Students are allowed to take the ALEKS Math Placement up to five times to be placed in a Math class at NIC. The first time it is without preparation to see what you remember right now. In order to take it again a minimum of three hours must be spent in the Prep & Learning module in your ALEKS account. This can be done anywhere and does not need to be done in one sitting.  However, it is required before each time testing.

  • Go to the Testing Center Website
  • On the right-hand side click 'Sign Back into ALEKS'.
  • Login with your MyNIC credentials.
  • At the top left there will be a box that says ‘Continue my Path’, ‘Check my Knowledge’ or something to that effect. This will be the Prep & Learning module. You can spend as long as you like with it but three hours are required for the next assessment to be unlocked.