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2.02.02 - Presidential Performance Review

Policy Title: Presidential Performance Review

Impact: Administration

Responsibility: Board of Trustees

Effective Date: 4/25/2001

Last Update: 9/27/2023

Relates to Procedure(s): n/a

Legal Citation(s): 

I. Presidential Performance Review

The Board of Trustees recognizes the importance of having exceptional executive leadership and that such leadership is dependent upon constructive review of how that responsibility is exercised. To further this end, the Board of Trustees will annually review the President’s stewardship in order to strengthen his or her performance, to enable the President and the Board of trustees to reset mutually agreed upon goals, and to inform annual decisions on compensation and other terms of employment. The Board may also elect to have more frequent reviews (for example, semiannual or quarterly reviews) as determined by the Board in its discretion.

The annual performance review of the President should include a written management review statement by the President and a written report on goals from the previous 12 months, as mutually agreed upon by the President and the Board of trustees. It may also include proposed goals for the subsequent 12 months. The annual performance review should be completed on a schedule consistent with the college's annual compensation-setting process.

An external evaluator will be selected by the Board to assist in the President’s evaluation.

The Board will meet in executive session to discuss the evaluation prior to providing the evaluation to the President.  If the Board fails to go into executive session then by a subsequent Board motion will direct a path forward in compliance with existing law regarding the President’s evaluation.

The President’s personnel file will be stored in the office of the Executive Assistant to the President in a locked, fire-proof box. Access to the box is limited to the Board Clerk and the Secretary/Treasurer of the Board, who can provide viewing to the President or individual trustees upon request. A viewing log will be maintained within the box by the Board Clerk and Secretary/Treasurer of the Board. Archiving of the file(s) within the box will follow North Idaho College Policy 2.01.06 “Retention of Records.”