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3.02.25 - Holiday Pay - Non Exempt Employees

Policy Title: Holiday Pay Non Exempt Employees

Impact: Employees

Responsibility: Human Resources

Effective Date: 12/21/94

Last Update: 03/23/16

Relates to Procedure: 3.02.25

Legal Citation(s):

I. Policy Narrative

This policy applies only to eligible classified non-exempt (hourly) employees.

In the event that the needs of the college necessitate that an employee must work on a holiday which is recognized as a paid holiday by the college, the employee shall be compensated at 1.5 times their normal hourly rate of pay for hours worked in addition to regularly scheduled holiday pay.

II. Holiday Date Defined

The holiday is defined as the single 24-hour period beginning at 12:00 midnight and continuing until the following midnight. When the actual holiday falls on a Saturday, the college observes the holiday the preceding Friday. If a holiday falls on a Sunday, the college observes the holiday on the following Monday. Actual holidays and holiday observances are documented on the official college calendar. 

If the holiday falls on a Saturday or a Sunday and an employee is required to work on both the observed holiday date (either Friday or Monday) and the actual holiday date (Saturday or Sunday), the employee will only receive holiday pay for one of those dates, as the College only recognizes one 24-hour period per recognized holiday. The only exception to this is the extended Thanksgiving holiday break and the extended winter holiday break, for which the college observes multiple days.

III. Minimum Call-In Holiday Pay

Employees who are called in and required to work on a holiday will be paid a minimum of two hours pay at the regular holiday rate or actual time worked, whichever is greater. 

Example:  An employee is called in to work on President’s Day. After arriving on campus, the employee works 1 hour and then goes home. This employee is credited with two hours (the minimum) of work at a pay rate of 1.5 times the employee’s regular rate in addition to their regularly scheduled holiday pay.

Minimum Call-In Holiday Pay



Normal Rate of Pay



2 Hour Call In (OT Rate, 1.5)


2 Hours @ $15.00/HR

2 Hours of Holiday Pay


2 Hours @ $10.00/HR

Total Example Call-In Holiday Pay


2 Hours @ $25.00/HR

IV. Overtime Holiday Pay

In the event an employee works more than 40 hours during the week of a holiday, the employee will be entitled to an overtime pay rate of 1.5 for all hours worked over 40, in addition to regular holiday pay.