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3.03.03 - Civil Rights

Policy: Civil Rights

Impact: Employees

Responsibility: Human Resources

Effective Date: 03/94

Last Update:

Relates to Procedure:

Legal Citation(s):

I. Policy Narrative

Discrimination is defined as any practice or regulation that discriminates on the basis of race, color, ethnicity, nationality, religion, gender, sexual status, age, disability, or status as Vietnam-era veteran, as each of these bases are defined by law.

Discrimination subverts the mission of North Idaho College, and threatens, in both obvious and subtle ways, the well-being of students and staff.  Denial of human dignity is unacceptable and will not be tolerated at North Idaho College.

Practices or regulations that discriminate on the basis of race, color, ethnicity, nationality, religion, gender, sexual status, age, disability, or status as Vietnam-era veteran, as each of these bases are defined by law, are neither condoned nor permitted in any area of North Idaho College operations.  This includes personnel appointments, student admissions, disciplinary regulations, housing assignments, classrooms, or other facilities, or in any activities of the employees, or students that may be commonly regarded as sponsored or sanctioned by North Idaho College.

No functions, business transactions or official actions by any organization, division, department, or other unit of North Idaho College may be held or undertaken at any facility, lodge, club, or organization that has as its policy the practice of discrimination on any of the bases specified above.

The policy does not presume to discourage classifications based on the difference between males and females or between other classes or groups so long as the classifications are not irrational, capricious or arbitrary.  The policy supports classifications intended to accomplish lawful purposes such as: women's or men's living groups can exclude persons of the opposite sex, students with sub-standard grades can be denied membership in honor societies or other groups having minimum grade requirements.

The policy does not in any way prevent any person, acting as a private citizen, from joining an organization that is found to discriminate, or from speaking or participating in events that are held in facilities belonging to such an organization.

The President is responsible for enforcing this policy.

Federal regulations require that the statement of non-discrimination appear in the following:

  1. In each announcement, bulletin, catalog or application form that is made available to employees or to applicants for admission or employment or to professional organizations holding agreements with North Idaho College.
  2. In any documents that are used in connection with the recruitment of students or employees.

For use on materials that have severe limitations of space, a shortened version of the statement is authorized.

The human resources office can assist in determining the appropriate version to be used in particular circumstances.

North Idaho College will use both informal and/or formal procedures to investigate in a prompt, timely, and confidential manner, each complaint of discrimination.

  1. Because complaints of discrimination might be brought that have no merit, procedures should be implemented so that students and employees are protected against false and mischievous complaints.
  2. North Idaho College requires that the rights and concerns of both complainant and accused be fully assured. The college shall make every effort to assure and protect these rights, and shall undertake no action that threatens or compromises them.

Prompt, appropriate, corrective action will be taken against any employee or student of North Idaho College who violates this policy.

Depending on the circumstances, and following due process, the punishment may include, but is not limited to, verbal and/or written reprimands, suspension with pay, suspension without pay, demotions, expulsion, or dismissal.

Persons with supervisor's responsibilities for employees/students are expected to report and/or to take appropriate supervisory action when they know of discrimination.

Procedure: Civil Rights

Impact: Employees

Responsibility: Human Resources

Effective Date: 6/23/93

Last Update: 12/15/99

Relates to Policy: 3.03.03

Legal Citation(s):

I. Procedure Narrative:

In case of a discrimination grievance from the alleged victim against a North Idaho College employee or student, the complaint shall be referred to the appropriate supervisor or office.  If no satisfactory resolution can be achieved at this level, an appeal can be made to the appropriate college vice president, and then to the college president.