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Policy Title: Leaves, Bereavement Leave

Impact: Employees


Effective Date: 02/26/2003

Revised Date:

Reviewed Date:

Relates to Procedure(s):

Legal Citation(s):


I. Bereavement Leave

Benefited personnel will be granted up to five working days of paid leave if there is a death in their immediate family. Immediate family for this policy is defined as including the employee’s spouse, domestic partner, parent, child, sibling, uncle, aunt, grandparent, grandchild, in-law (same members of spouse’s family) or any person who was a member of the employee’s established household.

II. Additional Time Off

It is understandable that in certain instances the loss of a family member may so emotionally or physically affect an employee as to make it difficult or impossible to return to work and satisfactorily perform the duties of his/her job immediately following the use of bereavement leave. If additional time off is necessary due to the death of a family member, arrangements may be made through the supervisor to permit the employee to use vacation time, personal day, sick leave or time off without pay.