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ASNIC Clubs provide students opportunities for learning outside the classroom; meeting people with similar interests; developing life, work, and leadership skills; gaining a broader experience and a greater perspective; and engaging students as citizens of the campus community.

See a club you like? Get in touch with the club advisor for more information about how to get involved.

We provide a place for students to explore, share, and practice theatrical activities. We provide a place for students to decide what experiences they desire to have outside of the department curriculum. We also work to serve the campus community. We do activities outside of school such as participating in field trips and seeing theatre around our region.

2023-24 President: Jeffry Parsons - 

Club Advisor: David Bozinov -

The purpose of AISA is to form a council of student leaders and organizations that will coordinate activities and opportunities of interest for American Indian students on campus. AISA represents the interests of American Indian students at NIC and promotes increased awareness of American Indian cultures.

2023-24 President: Lou Munoz –

Club Advisor: Amy Bardwell –

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

The purpose of this organization shall be to provide a structured and safe environment for learning and practicing the sport of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. This club will focus on providing opportunities for NIC students & employees to gain leadership experience, perform community service, and promote a positive lifestyle of continual improvement.

2023-24 President: Kate McRoberts –

Club Advisor: Jeremy Seda –

Club Advisor: Steven Smith –

Links of Interest: BJJ Beginners Guide,, Proper Hygiene, What to Wear

Fall 2023 Schedule: M-Th: 12PM at Wrestling Room (Christianson Gym 2nd floor) | F: 10AM at Wrestling Room

North Idaho College Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Club

GET STARTED: (1.) Bring a completed and signed Event Liability Waiver to one of the scheduled mat times and (2.) register for for club notifications.

Students pursue truth as it is laid out in the Bible. Fellowship, Bible studies, relevant support for a Biblical worldview, encouragement, and free materials to encourage your spiritual journey and growth in Christ.

2023-24 President: Ethan Bates –

Club Advisor: Cynthia Nelson –

This club is geared for people who like to write or play music. It is designed to bring together musicians who have a passion for music. This club encourages musical talent while recognizing music itself as a gift from god.

2023-24 President: Roger Griffin -

Club Advisor: Dwayne Huff -

We are a collective of NIC students who climb. We strive to better our personal climbing experience as well as introduce others to the sport of climbing; forming connections within the college community and within the extended community beyond the campus. Our goal is to utilize the SWRC climbing wall and local crag for the betterment of ourselves, the student body, and the places we visit.

2023-24 President: Brooks Hennessy –

Club Advisor: Ben Tschida –

Club Advisor: John Reese –

The Computer Science Club. We are here to work on schoolwork between classes. Our student staff is ready to tutor you for any comp sci subject. Non-comp sci students are more than welcome to join and learn. 

2023-24 President: Aaron Jarnes –

Club Advisor: Ekaterina Miller –

The mission of this organization is to educate students about the importance of fiscal responsibility, free markets, and capitalism through innovative campus activism and thought-provoking discussion.

2023-24 President: Alexander Christman –

Club Advisor: Cynthia Nelson –

2023-24 President: Bayleigh Stockton –

Club Advisor: Janis McClelland –

The central mission of our club is to create an inclusive environment of mutual support and encouragement, rooted in our core values of integrity, transparency, equality, and kindness. We are dedicated to helping individuals with disabilities discover their unique purpose, develop collaborative life skills, and realize their full potential. We believe that every person deserves to feel valued for who they are, their actions, and their relationships. Our daily advocacy efforts are focused on ensuring that individuals with disabilities are recognized for the valuable contributions they make to our community. At the heart of our mission is the belief that every individual possesses dreams, aspirations, and unique strengths. We are committed to providing unwavering support to individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities as they embark on their inspiring life journeys, tailored to their individual needs and desires.

2023-24 President: Jon Brickert - 

Club Advisor: John Reese -

The English club aims to inspire students and the surrounding community to cultivate a deeper appreciation for reading and writing. We will read and discuss literature to further our understanding of its many intricacies. We aspire to provide a fun atmosphere that will encourage fellowship, learning, and creativity for everyone involved.

2023-24 President: Damian Maxwell –

Club Advisor: Jo Lien –

The Mission of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes is “To lead every coach and athlete into the growing relationship with Jesus Christ and His Church”.

2023-24 President: Lane Reardon –

Club Advisor: Derrick Booth –

The Gender & Sexuality Alliance, or GSA, exists to promote a positive and supportive environment for gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender students or any student of any sexual orientation or gender identity and those who support them. We are inclusive of ALL genders and sexualities and work together to form a strong community!

2023-24 President: Raine Cino -

Club Advisor: Kyle Serrott -

Club Advisor: Traci Grant –

The mission of the Graphic & Web Design Club is to provide students who are interested in Graphic and web Design with an extracurricular environment that fosters learning and growth in this field. We are a community-driven club that strives to connect students with the community, professionals, and their peers.

2023-24 President: Sarah Gephart –

Club Advisor: Philippe Valle –

The NIC International Club is open to anyone interested in other cultures and languages. Our goal is to celebrate diversity by getting to know students and their cultures from all over the world.

2023-24 President: Diliara Beishenova – dtbeishenova@nic.du

Club Advisor: Amy Bardwell –

The purpose of LDSSA is to help college students, both members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and non-members, to stay closely affiliated with their faith and fellow students. The club wants to help students succeed in their studies, connect with each other, and achieve a balanced educational-social life. Lastly, we hope to motivate students to become a powerful influence for good on campus.

2023-24 President: 2023-24 President: Anna Throckmorton -

Club Advisor: Alethea Carpenter –

This club is designed to help students understand and appreciate the applications of mathematics. 

2023-24 President: Damian Maxwell –

Club Advisor: Kirsten Blanchette –

The Aspiring Artists Club endeavors to provide relevant activities, events, and opportunities for student artists. We work at developing relationships with galleries and other art organizations within the area to benefit student artists aspiring to expand their experience and professional presence.

2023-24 President: Ezra

Club Advisor: Jen Erickson - 

NICP is a place for aspiring photographers to share their work, exchange ideas, and go on photo outings as a group to grow and develop their skills.

2023-24 President: Andreas Burger -

Club Advisor: Eric Demattos -

NISSA is a club dedicated to empowering secular students to proudly express their identity, build a welcoming community, promote secular values, and set a course for activism.

2023-24 President: Lucia Munoz -

Club Advisor: John Jensen -

The purpose of the NIC Philosophy Club shall be to provide the campus and community a forum for philosophical discussion.

2023-24 President: Laine Bourland –

Club Advisor: John Jensen –

The purpose of the Physics and Engineering Club is to provide a community for those interested in the fields of physics and engineering through the use of regular meetings and collaborative projects.

2023-24 President: David Bozinov - 

Club Advisor: Jeremy Kingma –

The purpose of the Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society shall be to recognize and encourage scholarship among two-year college students. To achieve this purpose, Phi Theta Kappa shall provide an opportunity for the development of leadership and service, for an intellectual climate for the exchange of ideas and ideals, for lively fellowship for scholars, and for the stimulation of interest.

2023-24 President: Bryce Tellinghusen –

Club Advisor: Nicole Willms –

Club Advisor: Amber Hasz –

Welcome to the Sentinel, the printed and online news organization for North Idaho College.

2023-24 President: Kelly Williams –

Club Advisor: Geoff Carr –

The purpose of Signer's Club is to get students involved with the Deaf community and improve their ASL skills.

2023-24 President: Nova Peterson –

Club Advisor: Jeffrey Furey –

Club Advisor: Kristi Mendoza –

NIC Student Nursing Association is a club designed to support current nursing students to succeed through nursing school as well as support the community through volunteer services.

2023-24 President: Coming Soon

Club Advisor: Sharon Funkhouser –

The Tabletop Club is a group of students who share a passion for tabletop games like Dungeons and Dragons. Our primary purpose is to serve as a directory for players to find one another.

2023-24 President: Kylie Shepard –

Club Advisor: Geoff Carr –

The Trio Club exists to help build community, create excitement, facilitate workshops/events, and provide other support for students. 

2023-24 President: Katie Patton -

Club Advisor: Randy Shadden –

The organization's mission is to identify, educate, train, and organize students to promote the principles of freedom, free markets, and limited government. Turning Point USA believes that every young person can be enlightened to true free market values. For more information please visit the Turning Point website:

2023-24 President: Reagen Pellow -

Club Advisor: John Reese -

The purpose of the North Idaho College Veterans' Club is to link veterans and their families from all branches of military service; striving to support each other by educating them on VA benefits and local resources both on and off campus. NICVC will create veteran connections that will assist in the transition from military culture to mainstream civilian life.

2023-24 President: Coming Soon

Club Advisor: Greg Eaton –