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Salary Structures


All benefits eligible employees (faculty and staff) are paid according to established salary structures using a step-based compensation approach for pay increases. 

Benefits eligible staff are divided into two categories:

  • Classified staff are non-exempt (overtime eligible) and are paid on an hourly basis.
  • Professional staff are exempt (overtime ineligible) and are paid on a salary basis. 

Each position is placed into a staff compensation structure and assigned a pay grade based on the responsibilities and requirements as defined in the job description. Before an individual is offered employment, Human Resources will determine the candidate’s initial step placement based on their education and experience at the time of hire.

The hiring range for each pay grade is Step 0 through Step 5.

All employees who begin work in a benefits eligible position before April 1 will progress to the next step in their pay grade at the beginning of each fiscal year (July 1), subject to approval of a step increase each year by the Board of Trustees.

FY25 Classified Staff Salary Structure

FY25 Professional Staff Salary Structure


Faculty are placed in the established salary schedule, based on their documented education and teaching experience at the time of hire. The faculty structure is based on columns and steps. 

A new General Studies faculty employee’s initial column placement is based on the highest degree and additional relevant credits obtained subsequently, and their step placement is based on the number of years of full-time equivalent higher education teaching experience.

The maximum step placement for a new faculty employee is step 7.

Initial placement for Career and Technical Education (CTE) faculty also follows the column and step structure; however, CTE faculty have an option to teach without having attained a Bachelor’s degree, provided that they have or can obtain a Limited Occupational Certificate in their area of expertise. The column placement is based upon their certificate and/or degree achieved along with any additional relevant credits obtained subsequently. Step placement is based upon their full-time equivalent years of teaching, or in some cases other related experience.

After the initial placement at the time of hire, each faculty employee will progress one step for each year of full-time employment, subject to approval of a step increase each year by the Board of Trustees. Step increases will be effective the first payroll of each fiscal year (July 1). 

FY25 Faculty Salary Structure - General Studies

FY25 Faculty Salary Structure - Skills Prepared Positions

FY25 Faculty Salary Structure - Health Professions & Nursing

Employees may access previous years structures under MyNIC > Human Resources > Managers and Supervisor > Salary Structures.