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Winter Overnight Parking

We ask that all NIC students, employees and visitors please follow these guidelines when your vehicle will be parked overnight beginning Nov. 1 through March 15. Doing so will greatly assist with snow removal and help prevent your vehicle from being blocked by snow berms, issued a citation or towed at owner’s expense. These restrictions are in place Nov. 1 through March 15 from midnight to 6 a.m., 7 days a week, even when no weather event is anticipated.

  • Please park in the North Molstead Lot, far west row between the designated signs.

  • Residence Hall students must park within the Residence Hall (RH) reserved and designated lot. Overflow RH parking is located in the North Molstead Lot, far west row. Parking in the RH lot is not permitted during extended campus closures such as winter or spring break, vehicles must be parked in the North Molstead lot, west row with keys turned over to NIC security. Parked vehicles may be moved for the purpose of snow removal. Vehicles parked in the North Molstead lot during campus closure must relocate to the RH lot within 24 hours after students return to campus.

  • Overnight parking is not permitted on college streets (College Drive & W. Garden) or parking lots other than North Molstead, west row from Nov 1st through March 15, enforced 7 days a week from midnight – 6 am. Vehicles not parked in the designated location will be issued citations and towed when snow removal is in progress.

  • NIC Departments with assigned vehicles must follow this guidance, please park in the East Hedlund lot away from curbing when the vehicle is not in use.

  • Athletic Department student athletes and coaches, student field trips, or those travelling on business need to park in the North Molstead Lot, west row, designated signed area as well.

Please call NIC security at (208) 769-3310 if the North Molstead lot, west row is not accessible, you will be directed to an alternate location.

Please contact Stuart Wagner at or call (208) 769-5912 if you have any questions.