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Institutional Review Board (IRB)

The purpose of the NIC Institutional Review Board (IRB) is to ensure that all research protocols involving human subjects are reviewed and approved to meet federal law requirements. The general obligations and responsibilities of the IRB are outlined in NIC Board Policy and Procedure 2.03.05.

Federal law requires all organizations that conduct human subjects research to submit research projects to an IRB.



The Decision Tree tool was developed by the IRB to help investigators identify the most likely level of IRB review for their new study submission. Please note that a submitted study must be reviewed by the IRB, and the level of review may change based on additional information at that time. When used correctly, the following yes/no questions will provide guidance that is accurate for most studies but cannot be relied upon for a completely accurate determination in all cases. 

Decision Tree

IRB Members

  • Ron Prindle (External Representative)
  • Jon Gardunia (Faculty)
  • Angie Rekasie (Faculty)
  • Thomas Scott (Staff)
  • Deborah Krajcir (Staff)
  • Chris Brueher (Observer, Planning & Effectiveness)
  • Melissa Jessen (Staff Alternate, Recorder)
  • Steve Kurtz (Chair)

updated Oct. 6, 2022