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Arts, Communications, and Humanities

Explore creativity, expression and the human experience. Refine communication skills, learn about other cultures and engage with the arts.

Business Administration and Management

Gain vital business knowledge and skills in accounting, finance, marketing and entrepreneurship. Learn to analyze markets, make strategic decisions and lead teams.

Health Care

Make a positive impact promoting health and wellness. Develop skills in patient care, diagnostics, medical support and other areas.

Manufacturing and Trades

Get hands-on training for high-demand jobs in the trades. Work on engines, program machines and master welding skills.

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics

Discovery, innovation and problem-solving are all key in STEM programs. Delve into this cutting-edge field from the theoretical to the applied.

Social Science and Human Services

Develop a deep understanding of human behavior, societies and the complexities of human service. Work directly with others to help create meaningful life changes.

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student at desk working at computer

Accounting Assistant

Prepare and learn about occupational opportunities in the field of bookkeeping including payroll clerk, accounts receivable clerk, accounts payable clerk, and full-charge bookkeeper.
Female sitting at a desk with computer

Administrative Office Management

Academic programs, expert administrative and computer instruction are combined to give students diversified educational training and background needed for positions of responsibility and importance in the business world.
Man sitting at desk in front of computer

Administrative Office Technology

This certificate program is designed for individuals who desire to update or attain new office skills by completing a combination of required and elective courses that reflect their own personal career needs.
Women in native America Clothing overlooking the lake

American Indian Studies

Designed in collaboration with the Coeur d'Alene Tribe, examine the contemporary and ancient experiences and ways of life of the first peoples of North America from their perspective.
Student holding a human skull


The study of humans and our immediate ancestors, explore human cultural and biological diversity across time and space and the whole of the human condition, attentive to the ways in which culture, society, biology and the environment influence how we interact with the world.
Female student painting flowers


The art curriculum teaches students to develop high levels of individual artistic awareness and expression through their study of the elements of art and principles of design that are the basis of a wide range of transfer programs.
Student polishing the hood of a car

Autobody and Paint Technology

This program is a 9-month program designed to prepare students for entry-level employment as a collision repair technician and/or painter. All phases of refinishing are covered including basecoat and clear coat applications.
Student working under the hood of a car

Automotive Technology

This program is designed to prepare students for employment as entry-level technicians in the automotive repair industry. All ASE (Automotive Service Excellence) areas will be taught through the use of lectures, mock-ups, and customer vehicles.
Biology student in a classroom lecture

Biology, Botany, and Zoology

The biological sciences deal with the basic principles of all living things: structure, function, and ecological associations. An understanding of biological principles is important in a wide variety of fields, including the health professions, education, agriculture, forestry, and environmental sciences.
Business students at a desk


The Business Associate of Science Degree requires completion of three areas: the General Education Requirements (GEM courses) the Business Core requirements and the required courses listed under one of the following three pathways: Business Administration Business Teacher Education or General Business.
Business manager in the conference room

Business Management

The Business Management program provides students with an associate of applied science degree to fit educational and professional goals geared towards business leadership and management.
Chemistry Lab, female student working with test tubes


Chemistry is a science that deals with the composition structure and properties of substances and their transformations. A solid math and science background is important preparation for a college chemistry program.
A boy painting with a brush and a girl showing her painted hand behind him, with art supplies on the table and a chalkboard in the background.

Child Development

The Child Development program provides three options for students wishing to pursue a career working with young children from birth to age 8. Students can complete courses for an associate degree to prepare for transfer to a four-year college or university and entry-level career opportunities.
Communication Instructor instructing class


Communication is a discipline that teaches vital skills for success in today's society and provides professional preparation in communication fields. Communication provides the link for using all other technical skills and knowledge acquired in one's lifetime.
Woman sitting in front of computer in computer lab

Computer Applications

The Computer Applications certificate program provides comprehensive training in the latest Microsoft Office software. This certificate is designed for anyone who desires to work with computers and/or advance their computer software skills.
Student and professor looking at a computer screen

Computer Information Tech

The Computer Information Technology (CITE) program prepares students for careers in information technology by offering a one-year intermediate technical certificate a two-year advanced technical certificate and an associate of applied science degree.
Young woman programming in front of multiple computer monitors

Computer Science

This program leads to career opportunities in a wide variety of computer science areas such as operating systems expert systems graphics databases software engineering compilers numerical analysis etc. This program requires strong math skills.
Police Officer standing outside of his vehicle

Criminal Justice

The Criminal Justice program provides an overview of the criminal justice system including law enforcement the court system criminal law corrections police-community relations ethics probation and parole learning the fundamentals of research design and analysis.
Culinary arts students working in the kitchen

Culinary Arts

Students receive instruction in cooking and baking as well as theoretical knowledge that underlines competency in the field. Additional training involves table service menus cost controls storeroom entrepreneurship marketing supervision/management and stewarding
Network Security Administrator working at computer terminal

Cybersecurity and Information Security Administration

This Cybersecurity Information Security (INFOSEC) Administration Associate of Applied Science program will prepare students for a career in the cybersecurity industry.. The program integrates knowledge from communication social sciences and math with the theory and practice of information technology in the industry.
Networking student working with server towers

Cybersecurity and Networking

The Cybersecurity and Networking Basic Technical Certificate will teach students proficiency in basic personal computer and small network implementation. It will provide students with knowledge that will allow them to work with computer networks and build their basic cybersecurity skills.
Dental Hygienist working with patient

Dental Hygiene

The Dental Hygiene program prepares students for entry into the dental hygiene profession as licensed clinicians (Registered Hygienist-RDH). Dental Hygienists provide preventive procedures to control oral disease and promote optimal oral health.
Female students working on Diesel Engine components

Diesel Technology

This program is designed to prepare students for employment as entry-level truck/heavy equipment technicians. The Diesel Technology program emphasizes extensive shop work using actual customer projects as well as mock-up units and assemblies similar to those found in industry.
Students learning about drums from other cultures in a diversity class


The academic certificate in diversity provides an interdisciplinary exploration of cultural differences. Through the varied courses that comprise the certificate, students will develop an informed perspective on critical and social matters such as equality, ethical responsibility, and social justice.
Teacher in the classroom with her students


The Education program is intended for students who wish to teach in an elementary, middle, or high school setting.
Cover Photo of 2023 Catalog of man working an electrical panel

Electrical Apprenticeship

This program is offered in partnership with NIC's Workforce Development and Career and Technical Education division. It is specifically designed for students who have completed a state or federally approved Electrical Apprenticeship program consisting of 8,000 hours of on-the-job training and 576 hours of classroom instruction.
Engineering students working on a radio tower in the field


This program provides the flexibility needed by students interested in emerging fields like computer science robotics bioengineering geological engineering environmental engineering and many others.
Young woman standing in an isle at the library


The study of literature and composition helps students to acquire valuable interdisciplinary communication skills for a wide range of professions. Classes focus on the pleasures and challenges of reading and writing. Students learn to read critically, to think logically, to analyze and organize a wide variety of concepts, to research and evaluate sources, and to communicate clearly and effectively.
Entrepreneurs collaborating on a business plan together


Do you have the desire and drive to be your own boss or take a new look at your existing business? North Idaho College’s Integrated Business Entrepreneur program is designed to provide you with the skills to run and operate a business.
Environmental Scientist in the field with safety hat and gear

Environmental Science

Environmental science is an interdisciplinary field that utilizes physical chemical and biological sciences to study both natural and anthropogenic impacts on the environment.
Fire Fighters working with hose to put out hazardous situation

Fire Fighter 1

This program is designed to prepare students for the written and practical skills examinations for Idaho Fire Fighter 1 certification accredited by the International Fire Service Accreditation Congress (IFSAC).
Fire Fighters in front of their fire engine

Fire Service Technology

The Fire Service Technology curriculum is designed to develop and upgrade the firefighting skills and knowledge of volunteer and paid firefighters and covers all phases of firefighting.
Forestry worker cutting a tree branch for study

Forestry/Wildlife/ Range Management

This program provides required coursework for students interested in pursuing a career in natural resource management. The program acquaints students with the physical-biological and social sciences as well as the humanities.
Group of students walking down a hallway

General Studies

This program provides students with a highly adaptable framework for completion of a transfer degree to serve their diverse educational and career interests including the general core requirements at all Idaho public universities.
Sorted rocks in geology class


This program is for students interested in pursuing a baccalaureate degree in Geology. Geology is the science that deals with the history of the earth and its life especially as recorded in rocks.
Student designing a website on an iMac

Graphic and Web Design

The Graphic and Web Design program is designed to prepare students for entry-level positions in the graphic and web design markets.
Health information specialist working on servers

Health Information Fundamentals

The Health Information Fundamentals certificate program is designed for those who wish to continue their education with Idaho State University (ISU) and earn an associate of applied science degree in Health Information Technology.
Front desk healthcare worker in the office

Healthcare Document Management

This certificate program is designed for individuals who desire to update or attain new medical office skills by completing a combination of healthcare operations revenue cycle document management spreadsheets and law and ethics courses.
HVAC tech working on ac unit

Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, and Refrigeration (HVACR)

HVACR technicians typically work on residential and light commercial HVACR systems performing equipment installations preventative maintenance and service and repair tasks. Additional opportunities are also available in system design and sales occupations.
American Indian tribe on horseback


The history major is designed for students desiring a broad liberal arts background either as preparation for a profession or for personal enrichment.
Concierge helping guests check in

Hospitality Management

The Hospitality Management program prepares students for entry-level management in the hospitality industry.
Student giving a presentation at a lecture


The Humanities program at NIC is grounded in an interdisciplinary approach to the liberal arts including the fine arts of music visual art and theater; English literature and composition; history; philosophy; communication; and interdisciplinary studies. Courses in the humanities are excellent preparation for careers in the arts, business law, and education.
Older woman student learning how to use a HVAC system

Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, and Refrigeration Apprenticeship

This program is offered in partnership with NIC's Workforce Development and Career and Technical Education division. It is specifically designed for students who have completed a state or federally approved HVAC Apprenticeship program consisting of 8,000 hours of on-the-job training and 576 hours of classroom instruction.
Students working in the Industrial Mechanic Shop

Industrial Mechanic / Millwright

This 11-month program prepares students for employment as industrial plant maintenance mechanics or millwrights. Students learn the basics of maintenance fabrication installation and alignment of equipment used in modern industrial and manufacturing plants.
Variety of students dressed as their professions

Interdisciplinary Studies

NIC's interdisciplinary associate's degree program helps students to develop critical and creative thinking skills that will prepare them to succeed in a complex interconnected world and in a variety of professions.
Journalism student in an interview with phone recording


This program improves writing skills while preparing students for careers in journalism or communication. COMJ courses focus on improving the skills needed to disseminate engaging content on multiple platforms.
Law Enforcement Graduation

Law Enforcement

The North Idaho College (NIC) Law Enforcement program provides professionalism through training to newly hired officers of law enforcement agencies and students seeking employment in law enforcement.
Student in Law Enforcement Training

Law Enforcement Detention Academy

The Detention Academy program is designed to prepare students for entry-level positions as a Corrections Officer. Topics covered in the curriculum include Cell Searches, Ground Control, Hostage Survival, Idaho Jail Standards, Report Writing, and more.
CNC Technology student working with CNC Machine

Machining and CNC Technology

This program prepares students for entry-level employment in the machining and manufacturing industries. The curriculum features basic to advanced machining concepts involving various machine tools such as conventional lathes mills grinders and their Computer Numerical Control (CNC) counterparts.
Professor teaching math in front of class


This program leads to careers in teaching industry-government actuarial work or as support for many scientific disciplines. The mathematics background assumed for entry is four years of high school mathematics through pre-calculus and trigonometry.
Student designing parts in 3d program on the computer

Mechanical Design Engineering Technology

The Mechanical Design Engineering Technology program offers students the opportunity to learn skills required by today's industries.
Mechatronic student working with electrical engineering components


Mechatronics is a multifaceted field that utilizes many areas of mechanics including electronics automation computers hydraulics programmable logic controllers electrical systems and mechanical systems.
Medical Administrative Assistant working at her desk

Medical Administrative Assistant

For those who have always been interested in the medical field but find their strengths lie in clerical administration a career as a medical administrative assistant could be a perfect choice. Combine clerical skills and word processing with specialization in medical terminology anatomy and medical coding.
Medical Assistant class 2 students practicing giving shots

Medical Assistant

The Medical Assistant program prepares students to work as entry-level healthcare providers in settings such as physician's office health care clinics and hospitals. Medical assistants assist the physician and other professionals in managing the care of clients.
Medical Billing Specialist working in an office

Medical Billing Specialist

The medical billing specialist program is designed to prepare individuals for entry-level positions processing and managing third-party reimbursement and managing patient accounts receivables in a variety of health care settings.
Student looking through a microscope

Medical Laboratory Technology

The MLT program includes instruction in the laboratory disciplines of microbiology, hematology, medical chemistry, transfusion medicine, urinalysis, and lab operations.
Medical Receptionist helping a patient at the front desk

Medical Receptionist

A medical receptionist holds a key position in the medical office in greeting patients scheduling appointments processing patient information managing the reception desk and assisting with other administrative responsibilities.
Trumpet players in a concert


This program is designed for students who wish to pursue a professional career in music by providing the necessary background in music theory history and performance.
Practical Nurses working with a dummy patient

Practical Nursing (P.N.)

This 11-month program prepares students for entry-level employment as practical nurses (PN) in hospitals, urgent care clinics, physician offices, home health care, and long-term facilities.
Registered Nursing students running test in the lab

Nursing RN

The Associate's Degree Nursing program at North Idaho College commits to excellence in nursing education by developing distinguished graduate nurses who are prepared to meet the health care needs of the community and seeks to advance the profession.
Office specialist answering the phone

Office Specialist/ Receptionist

The Office Specialist/Receptionist program provides coursework required for an intermediate technical certificate that prepares students for entry-level career positions in today's offices.
Student learning about office technology in class

Office Technology

The Office Technology program allows students to design an Office Technology intermediate technical certificate by completing courses from the Accounting Business Administration Computer Applications and Office Technology and Paralegal programs.
Outdoor recreational leader helping students learn rock climbing

Outdoor Recreation Leadership

This program gives students the necessary skills and certificates needed to obtain employment in the outdoor recreation field.
Student studying law books


This program provides coursework required for an Associate of Applied Science Degree that leads to positions in legal environments. A paralegal under the supervision of an attorney applies knowledge of the law and legal procedures in rendering direct assistance to attorneys' clients and courts.
Aristotle book sitting in the library


Appreciate the role of ideas in shaping and evaluating the broad range of human experience from ancient to modern times. Classes focus on how great thinkers considered issues concerning ethics human nature politics religion economics social change knowledge reality and sound reasoning.
Camera set up taking photo of another student


The Photography program focuses on the constantly evolving knowledge skills and abilities needed to create visual images that communicate and stand on their own as an art form.
Personal trainer working with his client in the gym

Physical Education

NIC's Physical Education Department provides students with the competence confidence and motivation necessary to ensure health fitness and life-long learning. This program is for students interested in pursuing careers in teaching coaching athletic training recreation fitness and health promotion fields.
Physical Therapist helping and amputee

Physical Therapist Assistant

The Physical Therapist Assistant Consortium Program prepares students for employment as physical therapist assistants (PTA). The PTA functions through the direction of a physical therapist (PT) to implement the PT's plan of care.
 Majestic shot from Earth orbit showing the glow of a sunrise cresting over the surface


Physics is the science that deals with matter and energy and their interactions in selected fields such as mechanics, acoustics, and electricity. A strong background in science and mathematics is important preparation for a college physics program.
Student doing electrical and plumbing work

Plumbing Apprenticeship

This program is offered in partnership with NIC's Workforce Development and Career and Technical Education division. It is specifically designed for students who have completed a state or federally approved Plumbing Apprenticeship program consisting of 8,000 hours of on-the-job training and 576 hours of classroom instruction.
American law symbol with gavel, Bible and the US flag

Political Science and Pre-Law

The Associate of Science program also serves as a foundation for further professional or academic study in pre-law, business and secondary teaching with an emphasis in social studies, public administration, international studies and other related social sciences.
A woman adorned with personal protective equipment looks through a microscope doing medical research

Pre-Medical Related Fields

The pre-medical field has a wide variety of options, including Pre-Dental Hygiene, Pre-Medical/Pre-Dental Studies, Pre-Optometry, Pre-Pharmacy, Radiologic Technology, Respiratory Therapy, Radiographic Science, Speech Pathology and Audiology, and Sports Medicine.

Pre-Microbiology/ Medical Technology

The Pre-Microbiology/Medical Technology program is designed for students who desire professional careers in applications of control and diagnosis of diseases, agriculture, food technology, genetic engineering, environmental/pollution control, clinical lab work in hospitals, public health and research labs, and in industrial and pharmaceutical laboratories.
happy african american woman office worker smiling while eating a salad


This program is for students who love science, think critically, and want to help others live healthier lives. The required coursework is designed specifically for students who plan on transferring to the University of Idaho - Coeur d'Alene to complete a bachelor's degree in Food and Nutrition.
elderly man receiving physical therapy

Pre-Physical Therapy

This program is designed for students planning to transfer to a major suitable for entry into a physical therapy program.

Pre-Veterinary Medicine

The states of Idaho and Washington have an agreement which guarantees a certain number of places in the Washington State University College of Veterinary Medicine to qualified Idaho residents. Normally, students must maintain an overall undergraduate GPA of at least 3.50 in their studies prior to admission to the program.
students sittling in a circle engaged in a discussion


Psychology provides a solid foundation for many careers that require knowledge of human behavior in areas such as business, industry, government, or the helping professions. Completion of a graduate degree (master's or doctorate) is generally necessary, however, for careers specific to psychology.

Radiography Technology

The Radiography Technology associate degree program is a sequence of courses that prepares students for positions in radiology departments and related businesses and industries. Learning opportunities develop academic, technical, and professional knowledge and skills required for job acquisition, retention, and advancement. The program emphasizes a combination of didactic and clinical instruction necessary for successful employment.
Two young men engaged in conversation at a wooden table in a brightly lit university cafeteria, surrounded by other students

Social Work

Elementary social work processes focus on an overview of the theoretical knowledge and methodological skills necessary for entry level practice in social work.


Career opportunities in social work include social services at federal, state, and local levels; health care social work in nursing homes, hospitals, and outpatient care facilities; mental health facilities; children and youth services; aging services casework; rehabilitation counseling; juvenile detention; family services; pre-adoption investigation; drug and alcohol counseling; casework and counseling; and employee assistance counseling.
Surg Tech mock surgery with multiple people at the surgery table

Surgical Technology

The Surgical Technology program prepares students for entry-level employment as surgical technologists in hospitals, surgery centers, and specialty clinics.
Theater actors reading their scripts on stage


This program is designed for students who want to emphasize the theatre arts in the planning of their undergraduate degree. Emphasis is placed on the theatre arts as a valuable study for a wide range of career choices.

Virtual Administrative Assistant

The Virtual Administrative Assistant certificate is designed for students to develop administrative support skills that can be delivered virtually.
waste water treatment purification plant

Wastewater Treatment Plant Technology

The Wastewater Treatment Plant Technology Program is a multifaceted program that utilizes many areas of mechanics including electronics, automation, computers, hydraulics, programmable logic controllers, electrical systems, and mechanical systems.

Welding Technology

This program is designed to prepare students for entry-level employment as a welder. The program complies with national standards established by the American Welding Society (AWS). It combines theory and applied shop practice designed to develop welding skills.
Two students studying foreign languages in a textbook

World Languages

Learning a foreign language provides a sense of shared humanity and offers insight into the human mind thus helping international understanding. It improves intellectual skills helps the learner understand the customs culture and literature of other countries and provides a wealth of material in other languages.