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Criminal Justice

Criminal justice can be a very exciting field and careers can range from law enforcement to criminology to even teaching or counseling.

Students who have a passion for abating crime, respect for upholding the law, and a commitment to justice will likely find a degree plan that they are interested in pursuing. A degree in criminal justice can also be a great jumpstart for further education and career advancement training.

The primary goal of the criminal justice system is to deter and prevent crime by maintaining social order and control.  To understand what this type of degree entails, you must first understand how the criminal justice system operates. It is broken into three main parts; the legislative system, the judiciary system and the corrections system. These three parts all work together to ensure that the laws are properly upheld and obeyed. Earning a degree in this field can prepare students for a variety of careers. If you are interested in pursuing a job in law enforcement, court systems, crime investigation, or corrections, then this might be a good fit for you. Some students who study criminal justice may even go on to law school or continue their training and education in order to work for the FBI, CIA, or the Secret Service.

Completion of the required coursework at North Idaho College results in an associate degree and meets the general core requirements at all Idaho public universities. The suggested coursework normally fulfills the first half of baccalaureate degree requirements in Criminal Justice. Course selection should be tailored to match requirements defined by intended transfer institutions.

Criminal Justice Program

Program Outcomes