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Social and Behavioral Sciences Division

Social and Behavioral Sciences

Welcome to the Social and Behavioral Sciences Division at North Idaho College. We pride ourselves on being a student-centered division, where excellence is measured by their success.

Social and Behavioral Sciences is co-chaired by Dr. Brad Codr and Dr. James Jewell.  Dr. Brad Codr, has a BS in Sociology and Anthropology. Dr. Codr also received a master's degree in Anthropology from the University of Idaho, and a PhD from Purdue University. Dr. James Jewell, has a BA in History and an MA in U.S. History from Eastern Washington University, and a PhD from West Virginia University in 19th Century U.S. History.    

Social and Behavioral Sciences focuses on the understanding of human beings and the societies and cultures they create. Issues relevant to our modern society — including such things as culture, globalization, crime and the justice system, early childhood learning, education, Native American culture and history, history and the human experience, government, international relations, violence, social and economic inequality, substance abuse, sustainability, and social and family needs — are all studied in the SBS Division.

With 10 different departments — American Indian Studies, Anthropology, Child Development, Criminal Justice, Education, History, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology, and Social Work — SBS is one of the largest divisions on campus. As a result, SBS provides a wide array of educational opportunities to students each semester and offers educational degrees that transfer to nearly all regional universities.

The Social and Behavioral Sciences Division wants to learn more about your experience in our academic programs. Share your story!