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Review of Policies and Procedures

North Idaho College recognizes the importance of creating, maintaining and following policies and procedures that set the institution on the best course to honor its core values and missions. As such, a standing committee will facilitate review of all institutional policies and procedures with their authors on a staggered and regular basis. Upon completion of any revisions, the committee will ensure the policy author submits their recommendations to the President and College Senate chair to begin the participatory governance approval process.  

Standing Committee (AY2022)

  • Chair: Geoff Carr (Past Chair of College Senate)
  • ASNIC Representatives: TBD
  • Staff Representatives: Ken Thompson
  • Faculty Representatives: Bob Vogeler, Joe Jacoby
  • Senior Executive Assistant to the President (Administrative Support)

Policies and Procedures Up for Review (AY2022 Cycle)

  • 3.02.19: Payroll Deductions
  • 3.02.20: Faculty Professional Development        
  • 3.02.21: Faculty Evaluation      
  • 3.02.22: Employee Development
  • 3.02.23: Grievances      
  • Conflict Resolution / Mediation Process
  • 3.02.24: Meet & Confer
  • 3.02.25: Holiday Pay - Non Exempt Employees
  • 3.02.26: Reduction in Force
  • 3.02.28: Compensation for Special Assignments
  • 3.02.29: Alternate Work Schedules
  • 3.02.30: Remediation of Tenured Faculty
  • 3.02.31: Suspension of Tenured Faculty
  • 3.02.32: Termination of Tenured Faculty for Cause
  • 3.02.33: Reclassifications
  • 3.02.34: Teaching Focus