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Proposals, Policies and Procedures 

What Is the Process for Proposals, Policies and Procedures?
(Note: based on the Senate bylaws and the governance policy and procedures)

  1. A proposal, including a new or revised policy and/or procedure, must be given to the Senate chair 10 working days before a Senate meeting and is sent to president’s office for review. The Senate has 60 days to act on the item.

  2. The Senate chair places the proposal on the next Senate agenda for first reading, and Senate members receive copies five working days before meeting.

  3. The first reading of a proposal should take place with the attendance of the item’s author.
    • Senate may approve the proposal for a first reading as written.
    • Senate may approve with recommendations and return to the author for revision.
    • Senate may table the first reading until a definite or indefinite future meeting.
    • Senate may disapprove the first reading and return it to the author with recommendations. The author may resubmit the draft for a first reading in another meeting.

  4. The second reading of a draft takes place in the next Senate meeting.
    • Senate may approve the second reading and forward the item to the president’s office.
    • Senate may table the second reading.
    • Senate may disapprove the second reading and return it to the author with recommendations. The author may resubmit draft to begin the process again for a first reading.

  5. The college president receives an approved proposal from the Senate and has 60 days to respond to the Senate.
    • The President may approve the item as presented by Senate, in which case the proposal is placed on agenda of the next meeting of the Board of Trustees.
    • The President may table the item and notify Senate.
    • The President may disapprove of the item and send it back to Senate with recommendations.

  6. If the Senate receives a disapproved item with recommendations, they will review it.
    • If changes are substantial, then a representative from President’s Cabinet and original author may need to attend to answer questions.
    • Senate may approve the changes and return the draft to the president.
    • Senate may disapprove of the changes and return the draft to president.

  7. If there remains a substantive difference between the Senate’s and President’s proposals, the president shall strive to resolve the differences.
    • If the differences are resolved, the proposal will move on to the Board of Trustees.
    • If an agreement is not reached, both the Senate’s and the President’s proposals will be placed on the Board of Trustees’ agenda, and a Senator selected by the Senate will provide their point of view, while the President presents his or hers. The Board of Trustee’s may accept, modify, or reject any proposal.

If Board of Trustees approves new policy and/or procedure, it will be included in North Idaho College Policy Manual.