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Officer Duties and Responsibilities

Chair/Vice Chair/Past Chair (three-year term)

The Chair will preside over all Staff Assembly meetings. He/she will officially represent Staff Assembly in interactions with the Board of Trustees, College President, President’s Cabinet, Faculty Assembly, the community and other college groups. The Chair in conjunction with the Executive Committee will prepare the agenda for each meeting. He/she is responsible for the management of the Staff Assembly budget. Below is a list of some of the meetings in which the Chair will represent Staff Assembly.

  • Monthly Board of Trustees meetings
  • Monthly Management Team meetings
  • Monthly meetings with the College President, Chair of Faculty Assembly and ASNIC President
  • Monthly Staff Assembly Executive Committee meeting

Vice Chair
The Vice Chair will assume the duties and responsibilities of the Chair in the event of absence or disability of the Chair. The Vice Chair becomes the Chair the following year. The Vice Chair is responsible for distribution and collection of any ballots that may be necessary throughout the year, including nominations for annual employee awards.

Past Chair
The Past Chair will continue to serve as a member of the Executive Committee and assist the Chair in carrying out his or her responsibilities. The Past Chair will be responsible for the nomination for officers for the next year.

Secretary (one-year term)

The Secretary shall keep accurate minutes of all Staff Assembly meetings. The Secretary will distribute to all Staff Assembly members copies of meeting agendas and minutes at least three days prior to each meeting. Copies of all meeting minutes are uploaded to the Staff Assembly web page at The Secretary will provide other correspondence and assistance as needed.

College Senate (two-year term)

Senate representatives will attend monthly Senate meeting and represent the views and welfare of Staff Assembly within the Senate. The College Senate reviews new and revised policies. Senate representatives are members of the Staff Assembly Executive Committee that meets monthly.

College Senate Alternate (one-year term)

Senate alternates will attend Senate meetings and represent the views and welfare of Staff Assembly within the Senate in the absence of the regular Senate representatives. The Senate alternate will be considered a voting member when a regular Senator is absent.