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Staff Assembly

Staff Assembly is dedicated to fulfilling the mission of North Idaho College

As an organization we are dedicated to:

  • actively participating in the college governance process.
  • fostering a spirit of unity and cooperation among all college employees.
  • promoting and maintaining effective channels of communication between students, staff, faculty, administration, and the Board of Trustees.
  • serving as an advocate for all Staff Assembly members.
  • providing all employees an opportunity to safely express concerns, voice opinions, and provide input regarding policies, procedures, and other institutional actions.

Staff Assembly membership is defined as all part-time and full-time classified (non-exempt) and professional (exempt) staff excluding President's Cabinet, work-study and student workers.

Staff Assembly meetings are held every second Thursday of the month at 11 a.m.

Staff Assembly Executive Committee 

Chair: Matt Piekarski, ext. 2786 | Term: 23-24
Vice Chair: Colleen Ward, ext. 3409 | Term: 23-24
Secretary: Amber Hasz, ext. 3400 | Term: 23-24
Past Chair: 

College Senate

Past Chair: Neil Doyle, ext. 7157 | Term: 23-24
Chair: Jason Droesch, ext. 5908 | Term: 23-24
Vice Chair: Melanie McLean, ext. 3272 | Term: 23-24

Senator: Mallory Gregsonext. 3311 | Term: 23-25
Senator: Kelly Nolan, ext. 3371 | Term: 23-25
Senator: Patrick  O'Halloran, ext. 7145 | Term: 23-25
Senator: Colleen Ward, ext.3409 | Term: 22-24
Senator: Alethea Carpenter, ext. 3226 | Term: 22-24
Senator: Elli Oba, ext. 3315 | Term: 22-24
Senator: Melanie McLean, ext. 3272 | Term: 22-24
Senator: Neil Doyle, ext. 3380 | Term: 22-24

Senate Alternate: Amy Bardwell, ext. 3365 | Term: 23-24
Senate Alternate: Lynn Covey, ext. 7863 | Term: 23-24