Tenure Committee

Tenure Committee Members (2022 - 2023)

  • Laura Templeman, Current Chair, English & Humanities 
  • Paul Brasil, Social Sciences & Behavioral Sciences
  • Audry Bourne, Communications, Fine Arts & Humanities
  • Rhena Cooper, Natural Sciences
  • Karla Mitchell, Math, Computer Science & Engineering
  • Kurt Kimberling, Trades and Industry
  • Brittany Heidenreich, Nursing
  • Joe Jacoby, Division Chair and Associate Professor, Communication, Fine Arts & Humanities (non-voting) 

Makeup of Tenure Committee

According to North Idaho College Policy # 3.02.09, "Tenure Committee Members and alternates of the tenure committee shall be elected by the Executive Committee of the Faculty Assembly from among the tenured members of the faculty. The committee shall consist of five members and three alternates, designated in order. At least three members must be retained from the previous year. It is recommended that voting members be selected from the previous year’s alternates.

Tenure Committee Duties

  • September 1
    Vice President for Instruction or designee, and the Tenure Committee will convene a required meeting for all first-year probationary faculty members, with the purpose of explaining the policies and procedures governing faculty evaluation, tenure, remediation, suspension, termination and faculty appeals.

    Tenure Committee will notify each faculty member eligible for tenure application, and invite each to review the contents of his or her permanent personnel file located in the Office of Human Resources.

    Tenure Committee will invite new probationary faculty members to nominate their FET members by October 1.

  • October 15
    Tenure Committee will notify each new probationary faculty member of the make up of his or her FET and direct the teams to begin regular observations and conferences.

  • November 1
    Tenure Committee will invite submission of written testimony from administrators, faculty, and students pertaining to probationary faculty members who have applied for initial tenure. This testimony must reach the Tenure Committee by December 15. All testimony must be dated and signed to be considered by the Tenure Committee.

  • Spring Semester (first day of classes)
    Tenure Committee will inform the probationary faculty member and the division chair of the content of any significant statement(s) made against the candidate, regardless of whether the overall recommendations of the division chair are negative or positive.

  • March 1
    The Tenure Committee will notify the probationary faculty member, the division chair, and the Vice President for Instruction in writing of its recommendation regarding tenure conferral. Specific written documentation will accompany a decision to explain a recommendation of denial of tenure.