Current/Active Contracts for North Idaho College

Please note the list of contracts here and their contracted timelines is to inform the public of whom we are under contract with and when vendors can expect to see an RFx for contracted services put out for bid. This list will be updated as contracts are replaced or expire. All active bids for new or replacement agreements can be found under the Procurement: RFx/BID Listings and Addenda page here on this site. North Idaho College, when advantageous to our college and community, will accept and piggyback on State negotiated Contracts. We also take advantage of purchasing cooperatives for regular procurement operations. 

Current Contracts:

Banking Services
               Current vendor: US Bank
               Last RFx/Bid: April 2020
               Next scheduled RFP/Bid: Spring 2025

P-Card Services
               Current vendor: In a transition to US Bank as per State Contract
               Last RFx/Bid: Piggy Backed on State Contract
               Next scheduled RFP/Bid: 2027

Audit Services
               Current vendor: Eide Bailey
               Last RFx/Bid: April 2020
               Next scheduled RFP/Bid: Spring 2025

Legal Services
               Current vendor: Arthur B Macomber Attorney-At-Law 
               Last RFx/Bid: Dec 2022
               Next scheduled RFP/Bid: In Process

Liability Insurance Broker Services
               Current Vendor: Payne West
               Last RFx/Bid: 2020
               Next Scheduled RFP/Bid: Spring 2023

Benefits Broker Services
               Current vendor: Advanced Benefits
               Last RFx/Bid: Fall 2020
               Next scheduled RFP/Bid: Fall 2026

Book Store Services
               Current vendor: Follett
               Last RFx/Bid: Fall 2016
               Next scheduled RFP/Bid: In Process

Food Services
               Current vendor: Sodexo
               Last RFx/Bid: Fall 2018
               Next scheduled RFP/Bid: In Process

               Current vendor: Empire Vending
               Last RFx/Bid: Aug 2020
               Next scheduled RFP/Bid: Summer 2023

               Current vendor: PEPSI
               Last RFx/Bid: Aug 2020
               Next scheduled RFP/Bid: Summer 2023

Linen Services
               Current vendor: ALSCO, CINTAS
               Last RFx/Bid: 01/21
               Next scheduled RFP/Bid: 05/24

               Current vendor: Canon
               Last RFx/Bid: May 2018
               Next scheduled RFP/Bid: May 2023

Property Management Services
               Current vendor: Widmyer
               Last RFx/Bid: May 2020
               Next scheduled RFP/Bid: May 2024