State of Idaho Purchasing Contracts

We encourage you to take advantage of the pre-negotiated contract pricing and terms extended to North Idaho College by State of Idaho purchasing contracts.

State of Idaho Purchasing Contracts

Current/Active Contracts for North Idaho College

Please note the list of contracts here and their contracted timelines is to inform the public of whom we are under contract with as well as when vendors can expect to see an RFP/RFQ for contracted services be put out for bid. This list will be updated as contracts are replaced or expire. All active  Procurement: RFP/RFQ/bid Listings and Addenda bids for new or replacement contracts can be found below. 

Strrategic Planning Consultant RFQ 24-01

Release Date:  08/25/2023     2:30 PM PDT

Due Date:        09/15/2023     5:00 PM PDT

Legal Services RFQ 23-04

Release Date:                     05/25/2023      12:00 PM PDT

Due Date:                            06/2/2023        5:00 PM PDT

Food Services Operations RFP 23-02

Release Date:                     12/19/2022      2:00 PM PDT

Last Day for Questions:     01/20/2023      5:00 PM PDT

Due Date:                             01/27/2023      2:00 PM PDT

Bookstore Management Services RFP 23-03

Release Date:                      12/19/2022      2:00 PM PDT

Last Day for Questions:      01/20/2023      5:00 PM PDT

Due Date:                             01/27/2023      2:00 PM PDT


Responders are required to respond to an RFx solicitation via one electronic copy on a flash drive using an MS Word or PDF format enclosed in a sealed envelope and plainly marked on the outside: "RFx TITLE RFx XX-XX". All required response documents must be completed and submitted before the stated due date and time.

It is advised that responders not wait until the last day to start submitting RFx responses. Responders may edit up until the due date and time.

All communications regarding an RFx and the selection process must be coordinated through the Purchasing Office via email. Any Individual or Contractor that contacts any member of the campus, a member of the North Idaho College Board of Trustees, a member of the Dormitory Housing Commission of North Idaho College, or any North Idaho College Administrator except NIC Purchasing, may be disqualified from further consideration.

NIC Purchasing
North Idaho College
Office of Finance and Business Affairs
1000 W. Garden Ave.
Coeur d’Alene, ID 83814

Respondents are notified that North Idaho College reserves the right to reject any and all parts of an RFx.


For emailed submissions, please send bid responses to NICPurchasing@nic.edu, with the subject line noting the RFx name and number.  


When reviewing and Scoring RFx's, North Idaho College, in conjunction with BID-specific outlined rubrics, will follow the Idaho Statute Title 67 Chapter 92 State Procurement Act. 


RFP 23-02, Food Service Operations Q&A


Q&A -RFQ 24-01 Strategic Planning Consultant

Online Bid Management System

North Idaho College uses an online bid management system called Public Purchase.

Register with Public Purchase
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  • Step One:  Create a free account for your organization with Public Purchase.  If you are already registered with Public Purchase, please go to Step Two.
  • Step Two: Link your Public Purchase account to North Idaho College to receive bid notifications.

For more information, contact Public Purchase at support@publicpurchase.com or NIC Purchasing Coordinator  at (208) 665-2767 or nicpurchasing@nic.edu



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