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NIC Alcohol and Drug Policy

North Idaho College (NIC) is an Alcohol and Drug Free Education Institution

This document describes how North Idaho College meets the requirements of the 1989 amendments to the Drug-Free Schools and Communities Act, (DFSCA), as articulated in the Education Department General Administrative Regulations, (EDGAR), Part 86 and the Drug-Free Schools and Campuses Regulations.  Specifically the DFSCA requires institutions of higher education to establish policies that address unlawful possession, use , or distribution of alcohol and illicit drugs.  It also requires the establishment of a drug and alcohol prevention program.  Students, staff, and faculty may request additional information by contacting either the Director of Student Disability, Health and Counseling ((208) 769-7794) or the Director of Student Development ((208) 769-5970).


Prevention Standards

These standards of conduct govern the behavior of students, staff and faculty.  The standards of conduct shall apply to all students registered at NIC for at least one course for any type of credit with the exception for continuing education units.  Note that students who hold part time jobs within North Idaho College are covered by both student and employee policies.  The NIC standards of conduct also apply to all on-campus activities and all off-campus activities that are considered to be sponsored by NIC such as officially sanctioned field trips.  Finally, these standards of conduct will also apply to student-sponsored social activities or professional meetings attended by employees if those activities or meetings are considered to be NIC sponsored activities. 

Following are links to applicable policies, procedures, state, and federal code.  (Note:  there may be city ordinances that also apply to legal sanctions and penalties.  Refer to specific city codes for more information).

North Idaho College Policy 3.02.14, "Drug Free Workplace Act of 1988, 34 CFR, Part 85, Subpart F and regulations published in 1/31/89 Federal Register.

North Idaho College Procedure 3.02.14.  (Effective Date 12/22/93, revised 3/19/15)

State of Idaho Statutes, Title 18, Crimes and Punishments 

Title 21 United States Code (USC) Controlled Substances Act

Drug and Alcohol Prevention Biennial Review Reports

The Drug-Free Schools and Campuses Regulations requires North Idaho College to conduct a biennial review of the "Drug and Alcohol Abuse Prevention" effectiveness and consistency.  The Biennial Reviews will be conducted at the end of each even-numbered calendar years.

Review Year Drug and Alcohol Prevention Biennial Review Report

January 2017  

NIC 2015-2016 Alcohol and Other Drug Bienniel Report


January 2019 

NIC 2017-2018 Alcohol and Other Drug Biennial Report Final


January 2021 

NIC 2019-2020 Alcohol and Other Drug Biennial Report


March 2023 (updated) 

NIC 2021-2022 Alcohol and Other Drug Biennial Report


Annual Notification

North Idaho College is required to notify all students and employees annually regarding specific drug and alcohol related information.  A link to the webpage content will be sent to all North Idaho College Staff and Faculty annually no later than January 30th each year.  A link to the webpage content will also be sent to all North Idaho College registered students no later than the first day of each semester, (spring semester, fall semester). 

Year Staff & Faculty Notification Date (Annual) Spring Semester Notification Date (Student) Fall Semester Notification Date (Student)
2016 01-14-2016 01-12-2016 08-31-2016
2017 01-18-2017 01-18-2017 09-21-2017
2018 01-15-2018 01-18-2018 08-28-2018
2019 01-28-2019 01-28-2019 08-26-2019
2020 02-04-2020 02-04-2020 09-23-2020
2021 01-19-2021 01-19-2021 09-01-2021
2022 10-06-2022   10-06-2022
2023 03-08-2023 03-08-2023 11-15-2023


Counseling resources for drug and alcohol programs

This page is maintained and updated by the North Idaho College Student Services Division on at least an annual basis. If you have questions, please contact Amy Taylor the Director of Student Disability, Health and Counseling at (208) 769-5947. Updated 11/3/23 by Director Taylor.