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Calif St Poly Univ Pomona

Transfer Course Transfer Course Title Transfer Credit NIC Course NIC Course Title NIC Credit
CS-140 Intro to Computer Sci 4 CS-100 Intro Computer Science 2.68
MAT-114 Anatlytic Geom & Calculus I 4 MATH-170 Calculus I 2.68
HST-201 United States History 4 HIST-111 United States History I 2.68
PE-205/205A First Aid 3 PE-288 First Aid 2.01
PSY-201 General Psychology 4 PSYC-101 Introduction to Psychology 2.68
CHM-141L/142L College Chemistry Lab 1.5 CHEM-111L General Chemistry I Lab 1.01
PHY-121/122 College Physics 4.5 PHYS-111 General Physics I 3.02
PHY-141L/142L College Physics Lab 1.5 PHYS-111L General Physics I Lab 1.01
CHM-105/106 College Chemistry 4.5 CHEM-112 Prin/Gen/Coll/Chem II 3.02
CHM-142L/143L College Chemistry Lab 1.5 CHEM-112L Prin/Gen/Coll/Chem II Lab 1.01
PHY-122/123 College Physics 4.5 PHYS-112 General Physics II 3.02
PHY-142L/143L College Physics Lab 1.5 PHYS-112L General Physics II Lab 1.01
CHM-317L Organic Chemistry Lab 1 CHEM-278 Organic Chemistry I Lab 0.67
PE-114A Aerobic Exercise 1 PE-110Q Step Aerobics 0.67
HST-103 Hist of Civiliz/Modern World 4 HIST-103 History of Civ 20th Century 2.68
CHM-104/105 College Chemistry 4.5 CHEM-111 General Chemistry I 3.02
MIC-201 Basic Microbiology 3 BACT-250 General Microbiology 2.01
MIC-201L Basic Microbiology Lab 2 BACT-250L General Microbiology Lab 1.34
CHM-314 Organic Chemistry 3 CHEM-277 Organic Chemistry I 2.01