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Colgate University

Transfer Course Transfer Course Title Transfer Credit NIC Course NIC Course Title NIC Credit
COSC-101 Intro to Computing I 4 CS-150 Computer Science I 4
COSC-101L Intro to Computing I Lab 1 CS-150L Computer Science I Lab 1
COSC-102 Intro to Computing II 4 CS-151 Computer Science II 4
COSC-102L Intro to Computing II Lab 1 CS-151L Computer Science II Lab 1
PHYS-131 Atoms & Waves 4 TREL-100 Transfer Elective 4
PHYS-131L Atoms & Waves Lab 1 TREL-100 Transfer Elective 1
THEA-252 Scenic Design 4 THEA-201 Scene Design I 4
CORE-151 Legacies of Ancient World 4 TREL-100 Transfer Elective 4
ECON-151 Intro to Economics 4 TREL-100 Transfer Elective 4
THEA-254 Basic Acting 4 THEA-115 Basics of Performance I 4
THEA-259 Performance I 2 TREL-200 Transfer Elective 2
CORE-152 Challenges of Modernity 4 TREL-100 Transfer Elective 4
ENGL-267 Modern Drama 4 TREL-200 Transfer Elective 4