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Piedmont Community College

Transfer Course Transfer Course Title Transfer Credit NIC Course NIC Course Title NIC Credit
ENG-111 Col Compos I 3 ENGL-101 Writing and Rhetoric I 3
HIS-111 His of World Civilization I 3 HIST-101 World History I 3
PED-167 Dance Improvisation 2 DANC-111 Dance Forms 2
SPA-101 Beg Spanish I 4 SPAN-101 Elementary Spanish I 4
SDV-101 Orientation 1 CSC-100 College Transition 1
MTH-152 Mth/Lib Art II 3 MATH-123 Math in Modern Society 3
DAN-210 Dance Composition I 3 TREL-200 Transfer Elective 3
ENG-112 Col Compos II 3 ENGL-102 Writing and Rhetoric II 3
HIS-112 His of World Civilization II 3 HIST-102 World History II 3
MTH-157 Elem Stats 3 MATH-253 Statistical Methods 3
SPA-102 Beg Spanish II 4 SPAN-102 Elementary Spanish II 4
ENG-255 Major Writers in World Lit 3 TREL-200 Transfer Elective 3
CST-100 Public Speakin 3 COMM-101 Fundamentals of Oral Comm 3
DAN-160 Modern Dance 2 DANC-115 Modern Dance: Beginning I 2
DAN-166 Ballet 2 DANC-117 Ballet: Beginning I 2
GOL-111 Oceanography I 4 TREL-100 Transfer Elective 4
SOC-200 Prin of Sociol 3 SOC-101 Introduction to Sociology 3
SPA-201 Inter Span I 3 SPAN-201 Intermediate Spanish I 3
GOL-106 Historical Geo 4 GEOL-102 Historical Geology 4
GOL-106 Historical Geo 4 GEOL-102L Historical Geology Lab 0
ITE-119 Information Literacy 3 TREL-100 Transfer Elective 3
PSY-200 Principles of Psychology 3 PSYC-101 Introduction to Psychology 3
SPA-202 Inter Span II 3 SPAN-202 Intermediate Spanish II 3
ENG-290 Writing for the College 1 TREL-200 Transfer Elective 1