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Utah Tech University

Transfer Course Transfer Course Title Transfer Credit NIC Course NIC Course Title NIC Credit
COMM-2660 Intro Digital Film Production 3 PHTO-183 Intro to Digital Photography 3
ENGL-1010 Intro to Writing 3 ENGL-101 Writing and Rhetoric I 3
LIB-1010 Information Literacy 1 LIBS-120 Into Library Resrch Strtgs 1
MATH-1010 Intermediate Algebra 4 MATH-108 Intermediate Algebra 4
PSY-1010 General Psychology 3 PSYC-101 Introduction to Psychology 3
SPAN-1010 Begin Spanish I 4 SPAN-101 Elementary Spanish I 4
COMM-1010 Elements of Effective Comm 3 COMM-101 Fundamentals of Oral Comm 3
ECON-2010 Micro Economics 3 ECON-202 Principles of Microeconomics 3
MATH-1065 Precalculus W/ Trigonometry 5 MATH-147 Precalculus 5
MATH-1210 Calculus I 5 MATH-170 Calculus I 5
MATH-1220 Calculus II 4 MATH-175 Analytic Geometry & Calc II 4
PHYS-2210 Physics/Scientists Engineers I 4 PHYS-211 Engineering Physics I 4
PHYS-2215 Phys/Scientists Engineer I Lab 1 PHYS-211L Engineering Physics Lab I 1
ENGR-2010 Statics 3 ENGR-210 Statics 3
MATH-2210 Multivariable Calculus 3 MATH-275 Analytic Geometry and Calc III 3
PHYS-2220 Physics/Scientists Engineer II 4 PHYS-212 Engineering Physics II 4
PHYS-2225 Phys Sci/Engineers II Lab 1 PHYS-212L Engr Physics Lab II 1
MATH-2270 Linear Algebra 3 MATH-335 Linear Algebra 3
SOC-1010 Intro to Sociology 3 SOC-101 Introduction to Sociology 3
FCS-1500 Human Development Lifespan 3 CHD-134 Infancy-Middle Childhood 3
HIST-1700 American Civilization 3 HIST-112 United States History II 3
SOC-1020 Social Problems 3 SOC-102 Social Problems 3
BIOL-2060 Principles of Microbiology 3 BACT-250 General Microbiology 3
BIOL-2065 Principles of Micro Lab 1 BACT-250L General Microbiology Lab 1
CIS-1200 Computer Literacy 3 BUSA-100 Digital Literacy in Business 3
COMM-1020 Public Speaking 3 COMM-101 Fundamentals of Oral Comm 3
MATH-1050 College Algebra/Pre-Calculus 4 MATH-143 Precalculus I: Algebra 4
BIOL-2320 Human Anatomy 3 BIOL-227 Human Anat & Phys I 3
BIOL-2325 Human Anatomy Lab 2 BIOL-227L Human Anat & Phys I Lab 2
MATH-1000 Transitional Mathematics II 3 MATH-108 Intermediate Algebra 3
PEHR-1100 Beginning Tennis 1 PE-111F Beginning Tennis 1
THEA-1023 Understanding Film 3 CINA-126 Film and Culture 3
ENGL-0990 Beginning Writing 4 ENGL-099 Fund for Writing 4
MATH-1040 Intro to Statistics 3 MATH-253 Statistical Methods 3
NURS-1005 Certified Nursing Assistant 4 ALTH-130 Nursing Assistant (CNA) 4
BIOL-2420 Human Physiology 3 BIOL-228 Human Anat & Phys II W/Cadaver 3
BIOL-2425 Human Physiology Lab 1 BIOL-228L Human Anat & Phys II Lab 1
ART-1010 Intro to Art 3 ART-100 Introduction to Art 3
BIOL-1010 General Biology 3 BIOL-100 Concepts of Biology 3
CHEM-1110 Elem General/Organic Chem 4 CHEM-101 Introduction to Chemistry 4
CHEM-1115 Elem General/Organic Chem Lab 1 CHEM-101L Introduction to Chemistry Lab 1
COMM-1050 Intro to Communication Theory 3 TREL-100 Transfer Elective 3
ENGL-2010 Interm Writing Selected Topics 3 ENGL-102 Writing and Rhetoric II 3
BIOL-1015 General Biology Lab 1 BIOL-100L Concepts of Biology Lab 1