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Hampden-Sydney College

Transfer Course Transfer Course Title Transfer Credit NIC Course NIC Course Title NIC Credit
PHILOSOPHY-306 Social Philosophy 3 PHIL-205 Political & Social Philosophy 3
PHILOSOPHY-301 History 3 PHIL-210 History of Ancient Philosophy 3
PHILOSOPHY-302 History 3 PHIL-215 History of Modern Philosophy 3
ECONOMICS-301 Microeconomics 3 ECON-202 Principles of Microeconomics 3
CHEMISTRY-101 Concepts 3 CHEM-100 Concepts of Chemistry 3
FINEARTS-201 History 3 ART-101 Art History Caves to Cathedral 3
PHILOSOPHY-202 Problems 3 PHIL-101 Introduction to Philosophy 3
FINEARTS-202 History 3 ART-102 Art Hist Da Vinci to Digital 3
GOVERNMENT-202 Amer System 3 POLS-101 American National Government 3
PHILOSOPHY-304 Ethics 3 PHIL-103 Introduction to Ethics 3
PHYSICS-101 Astronomy 3 PHYS-103 Elementary Astronomy 3
PHYSICS-141 Ast Lab 1 PHYS-103L Elem Astronomy Lab 1
PHYSICS-102/142 Astronomy 4 TRLS-100 Lab Science Transfer Course 4
HISTORY-111 United States 3 HIST-111 United States History I 3
BIOLOGY-103 General 3 BIOL-100 Concepts of Biology 3
BIOLOGY-153 Lab 1 BIOL-100L Concepts of Biology Lab 1
FRENCH-201 Intermediate 3 FREN-201 Intermediate French I 3
PSYCHOLOGY-201 Human Behavior 3 PSYC-101 Introduction to Psychology 3
BIOLOGY-142 Botany 4 BIOL-203 General Botany 4
BIOLOGY-142 Botany 4 BIOL-203L General Botany Lab 0
ENGLISH-105 Composition 3 ENGL-101 Writing and Rhetoric I 3
FRENCH-202 Intermediate 3 FREN-202 Intermediate French II 3
HISTORY-202 United States 3 HIST-112 United States History II 3
BIOLOGY-108 Environmental 3 ENSI-119 Intro to Environmental Science 3