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Heald College Stockton

Transfer Course Transfer Course Title Transfer Credit NIC Course NIC Course Title NIC Credit
B-100 Business Dynamics 3 BUSA-101 Intro to Business 3
D-110 Introduction to Computers 3 BUSA-100 Digital Literacy in Business 3
G-010 Student Success 3 CSC-100 College Transition 2.01
S-101 Keyboarding 3 CAOT-112 Keyboarding I 1.01
S-101 Keyboarding 3 CAOT-113 Keyboarding II 1
B-103 Business Law 4 BUSA-265 Legal Envrnmt of Business 2.68
M-010 Essential Math 3 MATH-015 Pre-Algebra 2.01
W-102 Word Processing 6 CAOT-120 Word Processing/Word I 1.5
W-102 Word Processing 6 CAOT-121 Word Processing/Word II 1.5
W-102 Word Processing 6 CAOT-122 Word Processing/Word III 1.02
D-121 Spreadsheed Applications 3 CAOT-130 Spreadsheets/Excel I 1.01
D-121 Spreadsheed Applications 3 CAOT-131 Spreadsheets/Excel II 1
E-102 Business Career Communications 5 BLDR-160 Business Communications 3.35
M-101 Math Principles 5 MATH-108 Intermediate Algebra 3.35
D-202 Graphics/Presentations Seminar 3 CAOT-150 PowerPoint 2.01
E-110 Business College Composition 5 ENGL-102 Writing and Rhetoric II 3.35
G-204 Environmental Science 5 TREL-200 Transfer Elective 3.35
M-201 Applied Mathematics 7 MATH-130 Finite Mathematics 4.69
A-105 Acct Fundamentals W/ Comp Apps 7 ACCT-140 QuickBooks 4.69
E-201 Perspectives of Lang/Culture 5 ENGL-175 Literature and Ideas 3.35
G-201 Psychology 5 PSYC-101 Introduction to Psychology 3.35