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Sterling College Ks

Transfer Course Transfer Course Title Transfer Credit NIC Course NIC Course Title NIC Credit
CT-101 Public Speaking 3 COMM-101 Fundamentals of Oral Comm 3
LL-101 College Composition I 3 ENGL-101 Writing and Rhetoric I 3
MA-150 Pre-Calculus 5 MATH-147 Precalculus 5
MA-200 Calculus I 5 MATH-170 Calculus I 5
ES-101 Concepts Phys Fitness Health 2 PE-222 Wellness Lifestyles 2
MA-210 Calculus II 5 MATH-175 Analytic Geometry & Calc II 5
LL-151 Introduction to Literature 3 ENGL-175 Literature and Ideas 3
MA-220 Calculus III 5 MATH-275 Analytic Geometry and Calc III 5
HI-101 History World Civilization I 3 HIST-101 World History I 3
AR-105 Art Appreciation 3 ART-100 Introduction to Art 3
MA-240 Elementary Statistics 3 MATH-253 Statistical Methods 3