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Pensacola State College

Transfer Course Transfer Course Title Transfer Credit NIC Course NIC Course Title NIC Credit
STA-2023 Elem Statistics 3 MATH-253 Statistical Methods 3
ZOO-1010L General Zoology Lab 1 ZOOL-202L General Zoology Lab 1
CHM-2210L Organic Chem I Lab 1 CHEM-278 Organic Chemistry I Lab 1
MAT-00112C Pre-Algebra 3 MATH-015 Pre-Algebra 3
ARH-2000 Humanities Art 3 ART-101 Art History Caves to Cathedral 3
ENC-1101 English Comp I 3 ENGL-101 Writing and Rhetoric I 3
EUH-1001 Euro Hist Fr 1700 3 HIST-102 World History II 3
MAT-0024C Beginning Algebra 3 MATH-025 Elementary Algebra 3
CLP-2100 Intr Abnormal Psy 3 PSYC-205 Developmental Psychology 3
ECO-2013 Economics I 3 ECON-201 Principles of Macroeconomics 3
MAC-1311 Analyt Geo Cal I 4 MATH-170 Calculus I 4
BOT-1010 General Botany 3 BTNY-203 General Botany 3
BOT-1010L Gen Botany Lab 1 BTNY-203L General Botany Lab 1
PEL-2122 Intermed Golf 1 PE-111B Beginning Golf 1
PSY-2012 General Psychology 3 PSYC-101 Introduction to Psychology 3
AMH-2020 Am Hist Fr 1877 3 HIST-112 United States History II 3
MAC-1104 College Algebra 3 MATH-143 Precalculus I: Algebra 3
ENC-1102 English Comp II 3 ENGL-102 Writing and Rhetoric II 3
GEB-1011 Intro to Business 3 BUSA-101 Intro to Business 3
LIT-2090 Contem Lit 3 ENGL-175 Literature and Ideas 3
MAC-1114 Plane Trigonometry 3 MATH-144 Precalculus II: Trigonometry 3
PEM-1130 Wgt Trn/Phy Cond 1 PE-110R Strength Training 1
ACC-2001 Accounting I 3 ACCT-201 Principles of Accounting 3
PEL-1431 Racquetball 1 PE-111D Racquetball 1
STA-2014 Elem Statistics 3 MATH-253 Statistical Methods 3
PEL-2341 Beginning Tennis 1 PE-111F Beginning Tennis 1
PHI-2000 Hum Philosophy 2 PHIL-101 Introduction to Philosophy 2
DEP-2004 Human Growth/Dev 3 PSYC-205 Developmental Psychology 3