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Francis Marion University

Transfer Course Transfer Course Title Transfer Credit NIC Course NIC Course Title NIC Credit
PRS-203 Logic 3 PHIL-201 Logic and Critical Thinking 3
HIST-205 Intro Modern World History 3 HIST-103 History of Civ 20th Century 3
SPAN-201 Intermediate Spanish I 3 SPAN-201 Intermediate Spanish I 3
SPAN-202 Intermediate Spanish II 3 SPAN-202 Intermediate Spanish II 3
SPCH-101 Basics of Oral Communication 3 COMM-101 Fundamentals of Oral Comm 3
BIOL-113 Environmental Biol Lab 1 TREL-100 Transfer Elective 1
ENG-112 Composition II 3 ENGL-102 Writing and Rhetoric II 3
ART-101 Intro to Art 3 ART-100 Introduction to Art 3
MATH-111 Col Alg W Anal Geom II 3 MATH-143 Precalculus I: Algebra 3
MATH-170 Intro Modern Algebra I 3 MATH-157 Math for Elem Teachers I 3
POL-103 Intro to Pol Science 3 POLS-105 Introduction Political Science 3
EDUC-290 Student, Sch & Communi 2 CHD-150 Professional Partnerships 2
EDUC-299 Intro to Education 2 EDUC-201 Introduction to Teaching 2
MATH-270 Intro Modern Algebra II 3 TREL-100 Transfer Elective 3
ENG-322 Mythology & Literature 3 ENGL-216 Mythology 3
BIOL-105 Intro Life Science 3 BIOL-115 Intro Life Sciences 3
BIOL-115 Life Science Lab 1 BIOL-115L Intro Life Sciences Lab 1
BIOL-103 Environmental Biology 3 TREL-100 Transfer Elective 3