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Transfer Course Transfer Course Title Transfer Credit NIC Course NIC Course Title NIC Credit
HIST-1001 West Civil to 1500 3 HIST-101 World History I 3
PHIL-1000 Intro to Philosophy 3 PHIL-101 Introduction to Philosophy 3
CMST-2010 Interpersonal Communication 3 COMM-233 Interpersonal Communication 3
HIST-1003 History Western Civilization 3 HIST-102 World History II 3
MATH-1009 Math Elem Sch Tchr I 3 MATH-157 Math for Elem Teachers I 3
MATH-1010 Math Elem Sch Tchr II 3 MATH-257 Math for Elem Teach II 3
MATH-1009C Math Elm Sch Tch I 3 MATH-157 Math for Elem Teachers I 3
ISDS-2000 Intro to Bus Stats 3 MATH-253 Statistical Methods 3
OCS-1005 Intro Oceanography 3 TREL-100 Transfer Elective 3
ANSC-1011 Intro to Amnl Science 3 TREL-100 Transfer Elective 3
CHEM-1201 Gen Chemistry I 3 CHEM-101 Introduction to Chemistry 3
MATH-1022 Plane Trigonometry 3 MATH-144 Precalculus II: Trigonometry 3
ACCT-2001 Intr Financial Acct 3 ACCT-201 Principles of Accounting 3
ECON-2010 Prin Macroeconomics 3 ECON-201 Principles of Macroeconomics 3
BIOL-1201 Biol for Sci Maj I 3 BIOL-115 Intro Life Sciences 3
BIOL-1208 Biol Lab Sci Maj I 1 BIOL-115L Intro Life Sciences Lab 1
BIOL-1005 Intro Biology Lab 2 BIOL-100L Concepts of Biology Lab 2
SPAN-1102 Elementary Spanish 4 SPAN-102 Elementary Spanish II 4
SPAN-1101 Elementary Spanish 4 SPAN-101 Elementary Spanish I 4
ENGL-2001 Adv Eng Composition 3 ENGL-205 Interdisciplinary Writing 3
BIOL-1002 General Biology 3 BIOL-100 Concepts of Biology 3
SOCL-2001 Introductory Sociology 3 SOC-101 Introduction to Sociology 3
POLI-2053 Intro Comp Politics 3 POLS-105 Introduction Political Science 3
MUS-1752 Music Appreciation 3 MUSH-101 Survey of Music 3
MC-2000 Intro to Mass Media 3 COMJ-140 Mass Media in a Free Society 3
ANTH-2015 Intro to Archaeology 3 ANTH-230 Intro to Arch/World Prehistory 3
PSYC-2000 Intro to Psyc 3 PSYC-101 Introduction to Psychology 3
ENGL-2231 Reading Film as Literature 3 CINA-126 Film and Culture 3
FREN-2101 Intermed French 3 FREN-201 Intermediate French I 3
FREN-1001 Elementary French 4 FREN-101 Elementary French I 4
FREN-1002 Elementary French 4 FREN-102 Elementary French II 4
MATH-1021 College Algebra 3 MATH-143 Precalculus I: Algebra 3
ENGL-1002 Engl Composition 3 ENGL-102 Writing and Rhetoric II 3
FREN-2102 Intermed French 3 FREN-202 Intermediate French II 3
MATH-1550 An Geom & Calculus I 5 MATH-170 Calculus I 5
ENGL-1001 Engl Composition 3 ENGL-101 Writing and Rhetoric I 3